Gyógyító Ásványok

Weight 120 kg
Container capacity 100 kg
Material steel, stainless steel
Electric connection 1 faze
Energy consumption 0,25 kW
Dosing range 1-10 kg/hour
Display LCD
Switches [On]  [Off]  [Program]  [Set]  [Reset]
[↓]  [↑]  [Start]  [Stop]
Dosing programmable, by weight, for time

The dozier is special dosing-mixing equipment, designed for dosing of SZEDIMENTIN-MW powder. The dosing is controlled by weight sensor. 10 different dosing programs can be set.

The equipment consists of:

  1. Powder container
  2. Container lid
  3. Worm
  4. Worm – motor
  5. Weight sensor
  6. Mixing tub
  7. Mixing shaft
  8. Mixer motor
  9. Control panel