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Raw material:
Origin of the raw material:

Physical properties:
GEOPRODUCT KFT. 3909 MÁD, Bartók Béla u.2. Hungary
rhyolite tuff : BBC type
mining area Mád-Suba (Mád-V)
(K+,Ca)-Clinoptilolite: (K,Ca)6+[(AlO2)6(SiO2)30] . 24 H2O:,
active volcanic glass: [SiO2]x,
micro milled polyelectrolite colloids,
lyophilized bacteria
For sewage treatment, as additive in the sedimentation basin
Lookout: white powder, under 100 microns

Loose density0,78 g/cm3
Crystalline density1,584 g/cm3

Chemical composition of mineral component (zeolite):
SiO274,74 %
Al2O312,68 %
Fe2O31,26 %
FeO0,05 %
CaO0,95 %
MgO0,88 %
Na2O0,36 %
K2O1,83 %
TiO20,10 %
Ignition loss7,15 %
Total100 %

Mineralogical composition:
Clinoptilolitemin.25-35 (average: 30%)
Montmorillonite25-35 %
Surface-active volcanic glass25-30 %
Kaolinite10-15 %
Oxides of iron and manganese3 %

General information:
Szedimentin-MW is an additive for treatment of sewage. It consists of a mixture of heat-activated zeolite-montmorillonite. The surface of mineral crystals is treated with a certain kind of polyelectrolite. The blend contains lyophilized bacteria, too. The special effect of SZEDIMENTIN-MW is, it causes very rapid settling of sludge in the sedimentation tank, especially in the first 10 minute of settling. In the same time, the water remained after sludge-sedimentation becomes very good quality, doesn’t remain floating sludge in the water. SZEDIMENTIN-MW has very high internal surface area. That is excellent substrate for bacteria and convenient for acceleration of multiplication of bacteria. The polyelectrolite covering on the mineral parts insures the collection of the waste from the water to the mineral surface, and the collection of floating bacteria to the same surface, too. This accumulation of nutrient-waste and bacteria on the same place results high speed of interaction and waste decomposition.

The speed of sedimentation of the sludge in the sedimentation basin will be much higher than in general. It reaches the optimum at the 10th minute. The sludge density will be much higher, so it will carry more bacteria in less volume. The volume of recycling sludge will be less, but the sludge will possess with same biological activity as it had in the bigger volume. The speed of sedimentation can be influenced by dosing of SZEDIMENTIN-MW. The dose is optimal between 20 and 50 g/M3. At the beginning, higher dose could be added until the additive is accumulated in the sludge. Then the dose can be decreased. SZEDIMENTIN-MW has to be dosed evenly and continuously. Fluctuating dosing is not advantageous, because it results different sludge densities. Checking the residence time of the sludge in the sedimentation basin is recommended. The best result can be achieved if the residence time is approx. 10 minutes.

The biologically active sludge, already containing SZEDIMENTIN-MW, is recycling to the beginning of the treatment system. Owning to SZEDIMENTIN-MW, the biological life of the new treatment cycle in the aeration basin will be more intensive. The efficiency of waste decomposition will be complete and successful. It results a higher treatment capacity of the plant, and better water quality in the same time. The COD and turbidity values of the out coming water will be better.

Effect for ambiance:
SZEDIMENTIN-MW is harmless for human health. It doesn't contain toxic or organic materials. It doesn't dissolve in water. Partly it dissolves in strong acidic or alkaline solutions. It is not flammable. The sludge, containing SZEDIMENTIN-MW is harmless. It can be treated as usually the sludge is handled.
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